Turnip Top Salad

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“Miss Barker was fussing around behind them as they loaded their trolleys, adding last-minute garnishes and forgotten serving spoons. Maggie looked at her own dishes: the crisp golden pastry of the offal pie topped with delicate vines of sweet pea, the bright red and orange of the turnip top salad, the steam rising from the glistening dark crown of her chocolate sponge pudding. And it all smelled so good!”

Maggie’s Kitchen, page 152

The delicious honey mustard dressing is the perfect accompaniment to the slight bitterness of the vegetables. Although you can substitute any vegetables for this recipe—courgettes, fennel, etc.

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Prepare the vegetables by grating or slicing with a mandolin or a peeler—the different techniques give a combination of shapes. Make sure the serving dish is white so that the vibrant colours of the vegetables stand out. Drizzle with dressing, decorate with petals and enjoy! Serves 4–6.

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