AusRom Today reviews Maggie’s Kitchen:

“In Maggie’s Kitchen, Caroline Beecham presents the touching story of Maggie Johnson while highlighting in intricate detail the tumultuous and precarious times of WWII in London; from food rationing to life underground following raids, the enormous loss of life to the uncertainty of the future.

In essence, Maggie is a helper, always putting others needs at a level of priority  whether she knows them or not. It is this helping spirit that leads Maggie to respond to the government’s call for caterers to open restaurants to provide meals to the greater population thus also enabling Maggie to realise her own life-long dream of becoming a restaurateur.

Secondary characters Robbie and Janek allowed for a broader understanding of how Londoners were impacted by the War and I’d have loved to have seen both characters explored in a little more detail as I felt both had compelling stories to tell.

I loved that the chapter markers were excerpts from the Ministry of Food War Cookery Leaflets (and similar organisations) as it gave an authentic look and feel to the story, a glimpse back in time of sorts.

Despite it’s setting against a backdrop of war, Maggie’s Kitchen is a tale of love, courage, and the restorative power of food.”

July 2016

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